Sleep Angel Medical Pillows

Sleep Angel Medical Pillows

SleepAngel is designed, patented and marketed by Gabriel Scientific, an award winning Medical Devices company based in the UK and Ireland. The founders, David Woolfson, Dr Duncan Bain and William Navan are highly qualified and award winning innovators in the fields of medical devices and bedding. The SleepAngel Pillow is a Class I CE Medical Device pillow for use in general and specialist care facilities. The SleepAngel pillow has been “adopted as standard” across 1000’s of beds in the NHS and is recommended by CCG’s under their policy of “sharing practice” that has been adopted successfully in hospitals. SleepAngel Pillows and Duvet are available through NHS Supply Chain (codes listed below).


  • hermetically sealed liquid proof, vapour permeable cover with breathable liquid-proof filter (see diagram below) - cover and filter are clinically and laboratory proven 100% barrier to liquid and pathogens getting into or out of the pillow (incl. MRSA, C.diff and Norovirus)
  • PneumaPure Filter is nano-porous but liquid proof
  • premium filling material provides comfort and support - does not become damp/infected and malodorous causing the pillow to smell
  • compatible with existing NHS cleaning products and protocols
  • Save Money - durable, evidence based life expectancy of 3 years and fewer needed per bed
  • Compliant with British and Irish Flame Safety regulations and NHS Code of Practice


  • Prevents product becoming contaminated inside –significant reduction in cross-infection risk
  • Allows the pillow to ventilate and be comfortable
  • Enhanced patient safety, comfort and dignity
  • can be disinfected with 1000 PPM chlorine and 10,000 PPM chlorine for blood/heavy soilage
  • Save Money on replacements and laundering of pillow cases
  • Flame Safe to Source 5 CRIB 5 Standard

Why is it important?

Often only the bedrail has been sampled during investigation of outbreaks, rather than more important potential reservoirs of infection, such as mattresses and pillows, which are in direct contact with patients. It is essential that these items and other bed components are adequately decontaminated to minimise the risk of cross-infection”i i © 2008 The Hospital Infection Society Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. E. Creamer and H . Humphreys

Bedding interiors colonized with bacteria, become a reservoir of infectionii, posing an increased risk of hospital acquired infections. i Wilson, Jenny Infection control in clinical practice Balliere Tindall, London 1995 Ii Sheretz RJ, Sullivan ML, 1985, An outbreak of infection with acinetobbacter calcoaceticus in burns patients: contamination of patients mattresses, Journal of infectious diseases 151(2), p252-B

Does SleepAngel work?

In Investigator Led Clinical Trials and User Evaluations at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust and St Bart’s and the London NHS Trust with regard to Environmental Hygiene both found: One of the most insidious pockets of resistance is the hospital bedding

Both went on to report:

After 90 days, sample pillows were sent for microbiological analysis:

  • Majority of standard hospital pillows tested contained “potentially dangerous organisms”
  • None of the SleepAngel® pillows tested contained pathogens


Diane Wake CEO RLBUHT – Presentation to GovToday Re: Reducing HCAI’s © 2013 Authorized Report, St Bartholomew’s and The London Hospitals, Dr Art T. Tucker BSc (Hons) PhD SRCS MICR FICA CSci Scientific Report 22-05-2011). SleepAngel pillows passed the most severe microbiological challenges at the Airmid Laboratories at the Trinity College Technology Campus in Dublin. Airmid are a global leader in microbiological and environmental health testing. The SleepAngel pillow was challenged with allergens, mould, bacteria and virus at the cover, at the seams and at the filter and proved to be a “100% barrier in all tests” + crucially, was found to be “breathable” and ventilate through the filter.

In the EU the PPt enabled SleepAngel range of bedding products are registered and certified Class I Medical Devices bringing bedding to the level already required of other medical devices. In compliance with the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC Gabriel Scientific maintains a Technical File which includes QA procedures, Testing, Risk Assessment, Clinical Research and Data etc. The Technical File has been audited and Certified by the Competent for implementation of the Directive.

User Experience

SleepAngel is now used on 1000’s of NHS beds. Customers (Facilities, Procurement and Clinical Management), experience “major cost savings” (Royal Liverpool) across the board because “less numerically required” (Martin Kiernan, Nurse Consultant, Southport and Ormskirk NHST) and they last longer than the current provision (all).

Trusts identify adoption of SleepAngel as important measure in their success meeting and exceeding HCAI reduction targets (References Available) Patients inform that they feel safer, comfortable and more confident on pillows that don’t smell and feel more hygienic (References Available)