Dermobor is supplemental product against virus, bacteria, fungal diseases and yeast
It’s particularly influential to treat various kinds of wound, in particular diabetic foot ulcer decubitus ulcer and exsudate wounds

ACTIVE AGENTS: %02 chlorhexidine Digluconate


Apply sufficient amount 3 times a day to cover the skin surface in order to protect against bacteria yeast ,fungi and viruses mentioned in the label

Why dermobor?

  • Dermobor can be used with all kind of wounds whether infected or not
  • It defuses microorganisms (bacteria fungus and yeast) which are likely to make up on the wound surface and enable the wound to be healed in  a healthy way
  • It increases the cell viability 
  • It creates a moisturized setting on the wound surface thanks to its hydrogel texture and induces the fast wound healing
  • The majority of wound care product are not antimicrobial and antiviral 
  • Even though such product are used with uninfected wounds they are  unable to prevent the wounds to be infected 
  • Those product which are used as antimicrobial do not have the wound healing capacities
  • Dermobor allows physiological debridement  without needing any instruments and /or chemical substances 
  • Dermobor is antimicrobial fairly efficient in the wound care in expensive and a reliable choice .